About Us



We look at Saint Paul’s as a unique parish for many reasons.  We are located  in the heart of Mexico— an Anglican church  in a predominantly Catholic country.  Our congregation consists of both expatriates  and Mexicans—many of whom are retirees.  We have parishioners who are with us for only a portion of the year.  And, being a popular tourist destination, we have many visitors join us during different times of the year.  The Gospel, on most Sundays, is read in both Spanish and English.  We were  founded more than fifty years ago.

We value our strengths, especially our long tradition of helping the community of San Miguel de Allende.  Feed the Hungry, a nonprofit organization, was started in our Parish kitchen and now feeds over 4,000 children daily through-out the school year.  Saint Paul’s saw the need to help the poorest children in San Miguel to get a head-start on their education and formed Centro Infantil San Pablo—a pre-school for three to five year-olds, which is now independent.  We are proud of these achievements and continue to contribute to them both monetarily and with volunteers from the Parish.  We value pastoral care, for ourselves and for the community  in which we live.  We are proud to have had three ordinations in the last few years— our two Deacons to the priesthood and our former Rector’s son as a Deacon.