August 2014 Vestry Minutes

Series: Minutes

St Paul's Church
Minutes of the Regular Vestry Meeting
August 22nd  2014

Present: Rector: Bishop William Gregg, Treasurer Elaine Sells, Vestry members: Adrian Ross,  Bonnie Eriksmoen, Marco Espinosa, Isobella Kreizel, Bud Lawrence, Craig Tylosky.
Priest Assistant Sibylle Van Dijk.

Excused absences: Junior Warden, Raquel Martin, Priest Assistants  Rev Ernie Townsend and  Rev Jeff Sells, Clerk of the Vestry Valerie Brown Coon.
Elaine Sells requested an excused absence from the October Vestry meeting.

Call to order: Bishop Gregg called the meeting to order at 10.0 am with an opening prayer.

Agenda: Adrian Ross moved to adopt the agenda prepared by Bishop Gregg and the motion was seconded by Isobella Kreizel and was approved unanimously.

Meeting Minutes: Motion to approve the July 31st 2014 minutes was made by Elaine Sells and seconded by Marco Espinosa and approved by all without corrections.

It is noted that the minutes of the May 29th 2014 have not yet been offered for review or approval and this will be addressed at the August Vestry meeting.

Senior Wardens report: Adrian Ross had been travelling out of the country and gave no report.

Junior Wardens report: Raquel Martin is on leave with Vestry approval and gave no report.

Treasurers Report: Treasurer Elaine Sells had sent out the July report by

E mail and asked for questions or comments and there were none.

Rector's Report:
a. Bishop Gregg is much enjoying the dinners and Adrian Ross will work with him to schedule additional dinner dates for when he and his wife return in October. As the closing date of their US home is September 22nd Bishop Gregg and his wife will be returning to San Miguel on October 2nd 2014 and will be in Church on October 5th.

b. The new secretary Delia Lopez will be starting on September 8th 2014. She has a business degree which will be very helpful.

c. Xavier will be auditioning the proposed new organist on Sunday August 24th.

d. St Paul’s By Laws need to be brought up to date to come into compliance with the Cannons of the Diocese and Province and our new AR designation.  Ernie Townsend will be asked to follow up on this as he has had experience with the By Laws and the details of changes necessary. St Paul’s does now have full AR status therefore Vestry members will automatically be on the AR Board. Further information will be forthcoming.

e. There will not be a Mariachi mass this year.

f.  Mexican Independence Day celebration, September 14th,  will be discussed at the Liturgy Committee meeting.

g. Advent Lessons and Carols will be either be December 14th or the 21st, to be decided.

h. Sunday  November 30th will be the celebration of the New Ministry of Bishop Gregg.

i. Bishop Carlos will be visiting on March 22nd 2015 and all those who would like to be baptized, confirmed or received will be given information on the preparatory classes to begin in November 2014.

j.  Cannon White will be visiting in the 4th week of November and details of  his presentations and the dates will be forthcoming.there is still a need to find housing for him.

k.On  November 18th,19th and 20th Bishop Gregg will be in Mexico City for the Diocesan Clergy Conference, Rev Sibylle van Dijk will also be attending.

l. Christmas Eve Carols will be at 4.45pm and then the Mass at 5.30pm.

m.  Sunday School will continue to be run by Nate and Claudia.


Follow Ups:

a. Bud Lawrence presented the Vestry with splendid architectural renderings of the proposed Columbarium. The committee will be following up with prices for the construction and possible amounts for the donations to the project and purchase of the niches. The Committee will also bring up to date the file of names and placement of those in the Garden of Remembrance and also the names of the wall plaque in the entrance of the Church.

b. Ministry areas need to be addressed by the teams that were named at the retreat.

c. Thanksgiving Dinner: Ellen Judson has shown an interest in chairing the dinner this year and will be approached for planning details.

d. Prayer Books: Donations have covered the cost of the order of new prayer books and Marco Espinosa has volunteered his mail box in the US for their delivery and he will then bring them back to San Miguel when he returns in September . There is sufficient stock of hymn books.

e. Rev Sibylle van Dijk noted the Atencion ad still states there is a Mass in Spanish at 12 midday on Sundays, there have been attempts to have this corrected . This change will be attempted again!

New Business:

a. It has been decided that the office needs a new copier/fax/scanner and the prices will be checked but this will be far better than the rental machine.

b. Ernie Townsend will be asked to chair the Vestry task force for By Law revision.

c. There has been an average of 85 bulletins needed for Sunday worship which shows an increase in attendance that includes some new faces.

d. John Heron will be the follow up person for the proposed War Memorial and Marco will be the point person.

At 11.30am the meeting was adjourned with a closing prayer by Bishop Gregg.

Respectfully submitted,

Isobella Kreizel

Clerk pro tempore