July 2014 Vestry Minutes

Series: Minutes

St Paul's Church

Minutes of the Regular Vestry Meeting

July 31st 2014

Present: Rector: Bishop William Gregg, Vestry members: Adrian Ross, Elaine Sells, Bonnie Eriksmoen, Marco Espinosa, Isobella Kreizel, Bud Lawrence, Craig Tylosky. Priest Assistants Sibylle Van Dijk, Ernie Townsend and Jeff Sells.

Excused absences: Junior Warden, Raquel Martin, Clerk:  Valerie Brown Coon. Guest : Tony Allen

Opening Prayer: Bishop Gregg called the meeting to order at 10.10 am with an opening prayer.

Motion to approve and adopt the Agenda, 1st Craig 2nd Bud, approved by all.

Special Order: Tony Allen.

Ms. Allen offered personal observations and concerned thoughts for the Vestry to consider.

  1. She thought it would be appropriate to have the approved, previous months Vestry Meeting minutes posted on the bulletin board in the Church Hall for the Congregation to see. She felt that more information about the workings of the      Vestry would be much appreciated by the members of the Church and they  would feel included and then might want to become more involved.
  1. She missed seeing and using the larger bulletin for the Sunday Service and the information printed in it, although she did realize that using less paper was a cutting plus.
  1. Her last point was that if the Vestry and St Paul's committees were more open with the Congregation it would stop the stream of misinformation in its tracks.

Bishop Gregg and Adrian asked Ms. Allen if she had a specific question with regards to the above and her reply was "why are we being tight with money?" Bishop Gregg asked Elaine as treasurer to answer this question and she explained that all the minutes of the

Vestry meetings and the Financial reports are readily available for the members of St Paul's to see at any time in office hours.

The Vestry was in agreement that the approved minutes can be printed and posted on the bulletin board and also posted on the web page when it is set up.

Meeting Minutes: 

Motion to approve the June 28th 2014 minutes 1st by Elaine, 2nd  Marco and approved by all without corrections.

It is noted that the minutes of the May 29th 2014 have not yet been offered for review or approval and this will be addressed at the August Vestry meeting.

Mid-Year Report: Elaine, Treasurer, presented the Mid-Year Report 2014 and took the vestry through each category. There was one item needing clarification as follows:

Ernesto bought a house with the help of a loan through IMSS and money is held back from his salary and forwarded to IMSS directly. Therefore the Sexton's salary will show lower than budgeted but the IMSS payment higher.

The vestry thanked Elaine for the Treasurers report.

Rector's Report: 

  1. Bishop Gregg reported that he held a three month review with the officers of the Vestry, wardens, Adrian and Raquel and treasurer, Elaine. It was a helpful meeting pleased to announce that all is generally going well.
  2. In response to concerns expressed in the congregation, the bulletin has been reformatted so that it will have 2 pages with a constant plan for easier use.  There will also be a three part series between the 9 and 10.30 liturgies on Prayer Book use and liturgy at St. Paul’s.
  3. He will be attending the CETALC Meeting in Quito, Ecuador which is responsible planning the annual granting to projects of participating members.

Warden's Report: 

  1. Adrian reported that members of the congregation would like to arrange a Thanksgiving Dinner again and he will follow up with Ellen Judson to start the planning.
  2. Cannon White will be visiting again this November, the week of Thanksgiving, and he will need housing as the previous hosts are not able to offer accommodations  this year.
  3. Junior Warden, Raquel, has been working diligently on the USF and our switch from AC to AR which has included a great deal of legal work. She will be continuing this work  on her computer whilst away.

Bishop Gregg reported that she has many and various responsibilities which are  so valuable to St Paul's.

  1. Bishop Gregg will be away the Sunday of August 7th.
  2. There will be a series of discussion groups on:

  Personal Creeds and the Tradition of the Church Creed and why and how we use the Prayer Book: What page are we on?  The liturgy sessions will be 30 minute meetings between the liturgies on Sundays, to be held in August and the again in January for the Winter Congregation.

  1. The Rev. Jeff Sells will be offering a study of the book by Marcus Borg, Speaking Christian at 10 am on Tuesdays in September beginning September 5th.
  2. On the Sundays in Advent there will be discussion on development of next year’s Budget and a vision for St. Paul’s going forward, to be held immediately after the 10.30 am Liturgy.

Follow ups:

Bishop Gregg gave details of the Formation and Education series dates as on the Agenda.


Elaine reported that a group, the Dream Team for the Stewardship of St Paul's met and participated in watching the TENS Stewardship Conference shown on their web  site. After reviewing their impressions of the conference by e mail, the Dream team met again and suggest the following action:

  1. To ask the question, “What is Stewardship at St Paul's?”
  2. To develop a three to five year plan of Development.
  3. To identify possible members of the future Stewardship Committees and         stewardship development projects. The categories would be based on annual            giving, estate planning and bequests and long term financial support from             foundations and to start an endowment.
  4. The annual giving group will be asked to meet every month starting in January and  be able to pass on their initial work to the next group when they have fulfilled       their plans. 
  5. The Dream Team offered "The joy of making things possible with God through Commitment, Gratitude and Participation" as a starting theme.

Vestry members are requested to gather names to be proposed as committee members. The team felt it was important to stress that serving on the committee  can be a short term commitment in a specific area of their expertise or interest.

New Business:

  1. The Veteran's Memorial group are suggesting a wall plaque for outside the Church in an area that is accessible to the public with text of the following or similar.

"To honor veterans who have given their lives in service to their country". Marco, Heron and Bishop Gregg will continue this project.

They also request a service at St Paul's on Armistice Day November 11th at 11am each year. They are willing to cover all the costs of the plaque and the services.

Rev Sybille asked that civilian loss of life might also be honored and a memorial,  to "Peace" be considered.

  1. In September there is a Peace Conference in San Miguel and an "Interfaith Dialogue       on peace through the Ages" service at St Paul's  could be a possibility.

There are necessary repairs to the church after the recent heavy rains.

  1. Water damage to some walls ( Rector's office, Vestry, Sacristy $2593 MXN
  2. Windows need caulking $800 MXN
  3. Re-painting the secretary's office 
  4. Lighting in the secretary's office and Bishop Gregg's office $1500 MXN

Total of repairs $4893 MXN

Office equipment:

  1. The copier/scanner/fax machine does not work. It is a leased machine on a month to         month basis.  A new machine is requested.
  2. The key boards on the computers need replacing.
  3. Telephones are in need of replacing.

The vestry discussed the above and a motion was called by Marco to approve the            repairs to St. Paul's and the replacement of machinery. Elaine seconded the     motion.

Items a – f, above were carried without further discussion.

At 11.30 am the meeting was adjourned with a closing prayer.

Isobella Kreizel 

Clerk pro tempore