July 2016 Minutes

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St. Paul’s Church
July 22, 2016 Vestry Meeting Minutes

Present: Bud Lawrence, Isabella Kreizel, Barbara Espinosa, Lourdes Mendel, Joe Whitmore, Valarie Brown Coon, Bishop William, Treasurer Mary Beth Lawrence and Priest Assistant Jeff Sells.

Excused Absences were Lynn Ramsey, Lee Daneker & Doug Craig

Bishop William began the meeting with an opening prayer at 11:25am.

June Vestry Minutes were approved as presented with a motion 1st from Barbara, 2nd by Isobella and approved by all. Bishop William asked that the approved Treasurers Report and Minutes from each Vestry meeting be published on our Bulletin Board and website. Send these documents to

Treasurers Report:  Mary Beth presented the Treasurers report for June along with two additional documents: a 2016 2 Quarter Snapshot of revenues and expenses and  a Quarterly Executive Report that shows the value of our Endowment Fund, Sunday collections & pledges and attendance at all services comparing this year against last year.

She asked that all Danny Fund Donations be recorded on a separate document when counting money. She also asked that we be sure to record the date of the collection on the bag and on the outside slip given to the Treasurer. MOTION: Joe made a motion, 2nd by Doug to accept the Treasurers Report. It was unanimously approved.

Rectors Report: The Rector reported that Pepe cleaned out and repainted the Bodega and will be tacking our closets next. He also reported we had two wonderful baptisms the previous week, a 9 month old in the early service and a 6 and 9 year old in the 10:30 service.

Senior Warden Report: There was nothing new to report.

Junior Warden Report: Bud reported we are opening the Fellowship Hall up to art exhibits and asked the Vestry what we should charge, if we should purchase insurance for this purpose and do we need to install additional security? We would like to organize a Ministry Committee for Art led by the Rector, one Vestry member and artists who are members of our parish. Bishop William will take the lead in organizing the Task Force and will make a report in our November meeting.

Bud further reported that the Mesquite Tree in back needs to be taken down but the penalty to do so would require the church to purchase 40 trees which is the equalivent of $2000 pesos. There is no penalty if it simply falls down, so that is what we have decided to do.

Clergy Reports: Jeff Sells reported that he will publish our parish newsletter every other month and welcomes contributions. The deadline to submit articles is the 10th of each month. He would like to offer a column from our End Of Life Lecture Series in each issue. Our Parish Secretary Miguel was asked to email all past articles and lectures to Jeff for his use. Miguel will also organize 3 notebooks for our Library from the materials presented during the lectures.

AR Update. Bishop William reported our documents and process is now complete. Our signatories are Lynn Ramsey, Adrian Ross and Elaine Sells. The Vestry will automatically become the Board of the AR.  We will need to elect a president for the new AR in October who must be a Mexican citizen, possess a Mexican passport or have residente permanente status. Currently Hortencia Dominguez holds this position. All documents will need to be translated into English & Spanish, so we will hire a translator to do this.

We received an Auditors’ management letter for USF. The letter creates new baselines for the next two years, then we will do a formal audit. The government is tightening the structures and processes for financial transactions. From now on we will need a factora for everything we purchase. Finally, the former attorney handling the AR process refuses to release our original document and is demanding $75K additional pesos, which was not previously agreed upon.

Music Update. Bishop William reported new music will be sung in September.

Care Committee and Pastoral Care: These committees are currently surveying our population to determine what kinds of services are most needed at this time (grocery shopping, doctor’s visits, phone calls, etc.). At present, each member on the committee is serving 3 individuals. If interested in volunteering, please contact Elaine Sells.

Survey Monkey on Education: Our Parish Secretary will be sending an email on Monday announcing that the survey will be sent on Wednesday and must be returned by August 15.

Endowment Committee Recommendations: It is believed we should be getting a better rate of return on our Endowment Funds managed by Cathy Bower of Ameriprise, so we have decided to solicit proposals from several investment companies (AG Edwards, LPL, and Episcopal Church Financial Management & Charles Schwab) to see what they propose. The committee will make a report during our December meeting.

Annual Giving Campaign: We need a volunteer to lead this campaign and need a decision by our August meeting.

Task Force on Technology. Bishop William stated we  need to organize a taskforce to propose technology updates and improvements that support the life and ministries of St. Paul’s Church. He suggested Marco, Jeff, Miguel and two others to head up this effort. Facebook, Twitter and others apps should be considered at this time.

Other Business: Barbara suggested we offer a service at ALMA once a month. Barbara will ask ALMA for permission to do this and Bishop William asked that the parish also participate.

Next Meeting Date is August 26 at 11:15am. Bud Lawrence and Valarie Brown Coon will be out of town with excused absences.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:05pm with a closing prayer.


Draft Presented 9/15/16 by Clerk Valarie Brown Coon