June 2014 Vestry Minutes

Series: Minutes

St. Paul’s Church

Vestry Meeting

June 28, 2014

Present: Bishop William Gregg, Vestry members Adrian Ross, Elaine Sells, Bonnie Eriksmoen, Raquel Martin,Isobella Kreizel, and Priest Assistant Jeff Sells.  Absent:   Vestry members Marco Espinosa and Bud Lawrence (both excused absences) and Craig Tylosky; Priest Assistants Sibylle Van Dijk and Ernie Townsend. 

Call to order:  The meeting was called to order by  Bishop Gregg at 4 pm with an opening prayer.

Agenda for the meeting: Adrian Ross moved to adopt the agenda prepared by Bishop Gregg; the motion was seconded by Isobella Kreizel and was approved unanimously.

Minutes:  The minutes of the last meeting were not available to be approved; they will be reviewed and considered at the July meeting.

Report on Rural Education Institute:  St. Paul’s member Sara Tylosky and REI executive director Bruce Rossley gave a presentation on the work of the Rural Education Institute, including showing an internet presentation detailing the work of the REI and the students it benefits.  They proposed partnering with St. Paul’s to continue and expand the REI program to other communities by using St. Paul’s connections to recruit interns and high school students to come to San Miguel to work in REI centers.  They reported on their desire to expand their program into two more communities (La Cantera and Atotonilco) but stated that presently they have only sufficient funding to cover their existing programs for two more months.  An internet fundraising effort will be starting soon to try to obtain more donations to keep the programs going and to raise funds for the desired expansion to La Cantera and Atotonilco. 

Bishop Gregg referred this proposal to both of the following Ministry Groups:  Building on/branching out from existing programs; and Sanctuary for the disaffected and marginalized.

Wardens’ Reports:  Raquel Martin announced that the Office of Religous Affairs in Mexico City had contacted us to tell us that our religious association authorization paperwork can be picked up after July 8.  Raquel and Hortensia Dominguez, one of the AR officers, will travel to Mexico City to receive the documents.

Treasurers Report. Treasurer Elaine Sells noted that she had sent all Vestry members a written treasurer’s report via email, noting that we would not be reviewing it during this meeting, unless there were questions, which there were none.

Ministry Group Reports:  Elaine Sells presented the report of the Building on/branching out from existing programs ministry group.  Attached to these minutes is a copy of Elaine’s written report and materials.

Raquel Martin reported on behalf of the ministry group concerning Sanctuary for the disaffected and marginalized.  She reported that Valarie Coons had done a lot of work on the goals and steps of the group (a copy of which is attached to these minutes), and that the group is assembling a list of the former members of the Spanish-speaking congegation to the end of having a forum meeting, seeking their input as to what type of program for their community which they would like to see at St. Paul’s.  To that end, Raquel wondered if it would not be appropriate to ask a native Spanish speak to the read the Spanish translation of the Gospel on Sundays.  Bishop William said he would take that under consideration.

There was no report from the Leadership Training Ministry Group.

Bishop William announced that the next step is to have a conversation  with the parish and begin to clarify our vision for each ministry group -- to articulate the vision in no more than two sentences. After that the next piece we need to tackle is the area of stewardship -- that is, What do we do in the name of Jesus with what God has given us. 

Each ministry group will need need to devise a vision and have a converstion with the parish in forums that every member has an opportunity to attend.

Bishop William asked each Ministry Group to address the following questions and report on them by November:

  1. What are our resources?
  2. How can we best use these resources to do God’s work in San Miguel?

Bishop William will be away on Sunday, November 16th.

Isobella Kreizel pointed out that we should start communicating with the snowbird community right away.  Jeff Sells said he believes It is crucial that we begin publishing a newsletter.  Bishop Bill suggested that we find out what newsletter program St. Peter’s, our companion parish uses.  He also stated that we must revise our website to be more attractive and to be interactive.  Raquel pointed out that if we are truly trying to reach the Mexican community, the website and newsletter must be bilingual.

At 5:22 pm, the meeting was adjourned with a closing prayer.

Respectfully submitted,

Acting Clerk Raquel Martin

Minutes approved at the July 25, 2014 Vestry meeting.