June 2016 Minutes

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St Paul’s Church

Minutes of the Meeting of the Vestry

June 24th 2016


Present:  Vestry members, Isobella Kreizel, Valarie Brown Coon, Lynn Ramsey. Doug Craig, Joe Whitmore, Barbara Espinosa and Bud Lawrence. Bishop Gregg, Treasurer, Mary Beth Lawrence and Assistant Priest Rev Jeff Sells.

Excused Absences: Lourdes Mendel, Lee Daneker, Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order by Bishop Gregg at 11.20 a.m with an opening prayer by Bishop Gregg.

Minutes: The May 27 minutes were reviewed and approved with a 1st by Isabella and a 2nd by Lynn Ramsey. The following reports were then presented and accepted.

Treasurer’s Report: Mary Beth noted on the TR that we are running short on our YTD budget and actual but our Ameriprise funds payment is not reflected in the Financial Statement which will bring us into the black in June. If you look at Revenues on our FS, the budget Actual of $843.00 reflects an increase in revenues, while our Pledge Receipts are down $3,000.00 for this period based on our 1/12 formula, but this will correct by year end based on seasonal pledges. She also pointed out our Legal Fees are higher than budgeted due the conversion to our new AR.

Senior Warden Report:  Isobella started her report by encouraging ideas for targeting new parishioners. She said Game Night was a good start. Lynn suggested we develop a Puppet Program to target families with children. She has seen this triple attendance in past churches. She said she would be willing to help coordinate such a program but would not be able to chair it.  The Vestry suggested organizing a Committee For Youth where such a program could be explored. Suggested participants for this committee include Adrian Ross, Lynn Ramsey, Dawn Gaskill, Stephanie Murphy, Claudia Vilches, Mireille Grovier and Karen O’Malia.  Jeff suggested perhaps an Adult Education call could be offered at the same time so that children could attend the program and parents could attend the Adult Edu Course. Isabella still needs ushers for the 10:30am service. She reported our Vestry Minutes are being posted on our website.

Junior Warden’s Report: Bud reported that All Maintenance Projects have been completed.

Rector’s Report: Bishop Gregg began by thanking Isobella and Jeff for filling in during his vacation. He and Kathy enjoyed their vacation touring 3 CCRC Lifestyle Communities as they begin planning for their retirement 3-4 years from now. They also visited the Bishop’s Dad and Kathy’s sister. From vacation he attended Sinodo where 40 people participated in a 2.5 day gathering. The Sinodo here is small by US comparison. While there Bishop Gregg and Chuck Robinson, Rector from a NY Parish agreed to chair the Mexico Committee and provide Continuing Education to the Clergy.

He further reported we have received a Gift from Cielito Lindo as a Thank You for providing Eucharist twice a month and presiding at resident funerals. Alejandro the Director there suggested gifting us a small fountain for our Columbarium Garden.

Bishop Gregg reported that our choir is rehearsing new music. He suggested Craig’s Music Committee consider offering one afternoon a “Hymnal Sing a long.” Meanwhile Craig has purchased 65 new anthems and this Sunday we are singing our first, “Song 23.” Havier can now choose from seasonal songs to other music. We also bought the license to Xerox the music. Next we need to get the organist to play louder. Bishop Gregg encouraged the organist to take lessons and the Church will reimburse him from the Bishop’s discretionary fund. So we are making some progress on the music front!

Our Alter Guild is down to three people, Shirley Adlerbert, Christine Eyer and Sunni Putnam so we are seeking volunteers for our Wednesday and Sunday services. Contact one of these gals if you can help.

We recently emailed a Rector’s Survey to determine what parishioners are interested in, what they would participate in, suggested topics and when the best time would be to do this. Our objective is to focus on our interests.

One of our 12 Step Groups recently stated how much they enjoy the sacred space offered by the Church and some participants have stated they may return to church as a result.

Finally Bishop Gregg encouraged everyone to attend the CISP Graduation on July 10.


Clergy Reports: Thank you Jeff for creating our monthly Parish Newsletter which is targeted to go out the 15th of each month. Please feel free to suggest topics and to contribute articles to the newsletter. The more information we have the better the newsletter.

New Business, Succession & Future Planning: In the matter of Parish Growth the Bishop has done some self evaluation and reflection. If it is St. Paul’s goal to target young parents with children, you need to call a Rector in his/her 30s or 40s who has children and connections to the Mexican community. At the very least you would need a Rector and an Assistant with these skills. In the Bishop’s opinion that would require $85-$100,000 in new funds. So as the Church begins to plan the Rector’s succession in the next 3 years, we need to pray about this and frame it positively. Where do we want to direct our efforts in the next 3 years and how are we going to plan for it? Bishop William believes Bishop Carlos wants St. Paul’s to have a North American Expat Rector since we are largely an expat parish, but he too will be retiring soon.

July 2016 Vestry Meeting: The next Vestry meeting will be at 11.15am on July  22th or 29?????.

The agenda being completed and no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:55pm and closed with a prayer by Bishop Gregg.


Valarie Brown Coon