November 2014 Vestry Minutes

Series: Minutes

St Paul's Church
Minutes of the Regular Vestry Meeting
November 21st  2014

Present: Rector: Bishop William Gregg, Treasurer Elaine Sells, Vestry members: Adrian Ross,  Bonnie Eriksmoen, Marco Espinosa, Isobella Kreizel, Priest Assistant Jeff Sells.

Excused absences: Junior Warden, Raquel Martin, Priest Assistants Rev Ernie Townsend and Rev Sibylle Van Dyke, Clerk of the Vestry Valerie Brown Coon, Bud Lawrence and Craig Tylosky.

Call to order: Bishop Gregg called the meeting to order at 10.01 am with an opening prayer.

1. Agenda: Adrian Ross moved to adopt the agenda prepared by Bishop Gregg and the motion was seconded by Isobella Kreizel and was approved unanimously.

2. Questions for this month:

Bishop Gregg presented the results of the questionnaires and there was lively discussion by the members of the vestry on the responses from the congregation. Of the responses provoking further discussion at the meeting were:

  1. The development and bolstering of the choir. Support for those already in the choir particularly those soloists who might like to contribute more to the service. Bishop Gregg will approach Javier and ask if it would be possible to incorporate more solos from choir members and also more flute and voice solos from him. Scheduling music and choral pieces ahead of time would enable better rehearsal time and better choir participation.


  1. Integrating seasonal members of the congregation into all the activities and outreach programs and ministries. Posting information on the web site throughout the year and asking for participation from while in their other homes.


  1. When asked how would the closure of St Paul’s affect the community, the conclusion was that it would leave the organizations who use St Paul’s without a home.

There is not another facility offering the same space and technical   facilities in San Miguel let alone the spiritual and religious support. The groups include Alanon, AA and other 12 step programs, Grief Counseling, the needy and all  the Outreach programs of St Paul’s.


  1. Community Music and Drama and Meetings depend on the Church and the Church hall.

The survey results will be posted on the web site.


3. Marketing and Branding.

Bishop Gregg handed out Nancy Gardener Designs review of the initial work on the proposed re-branding which will be in the form of Overview, Process and Elements. They do hope to have roughs of final plans in time for the annual meeting.


4. Letter of Request for the Licensing of the Rev’d Jeffery Sells.

Bishop Gregg presented the Vestry with the letter which will be offered to Bishop Carlos for signature on his visit on the 30th November. All present vestry members signed the letter and agreed to its content unanimously.


5. Bishop Gregg asked the retiring Vestry members, Bonnie Eriksmoen, Marco Espinosa, Adrian Ross and Raquel Martin, with Russ Archibald and Jim Wright to serve on the nominating committee and offer a list of names for consideration by November 25th.

6. Minutes.

The minutes of the Vestry meeting on October 24th were approved as corrected. A motion to accept was made by Marco and seconded by Adrian the vestry was I favor and the motion was so moved.


7. Treasurers report.

Elaine has been interviewing two different accountant firms. Both have AC experience and she will hope to have a decision by January 1st 2005.

Empigo? will be shown in the Church not the Vestry accounts.

Bishop Gregg’s move expenses has been completed and paid.

The account for the Interim Rector has been completed.

 The Vestry received a consolidated September/October report, it will be posted on the bulletin board.

The accountant has agreed to absorb any late fees she incurred.


 8. Clergy reports.

Bishop Gregg gave the estimated price of the new screen at $10,000 mn and a motion to accept this price and make the order was made by Marco and seconded by Isobella. The motion was so moved.


9. Stewardship.

Rev Jeff Sells will be planning personal visitations to discuss the ministry of Stewardship by January 18th 2015. He will report to the Vestry at the meeting on January 23rd and at the Annual Meeting on January 25th 2015.


The meeting was adjourned with a closing prayer.


Isobella Kreizel

Clerk pro tempore


Minutes approved 19 December 2014.