October 2014 Vestry Minutes

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St. Paul’s Anglican Church
Vestry Minutes
October 24, 2014

Present:  Bishop William, Rector; Adrian Ross & Raquel Martin, Co-Wardens; Bonnie Eriksmoen; Marco Espinosa;  Crag Tylosky, Bud Lawrence, Isobella Kreizel, E. Townsend, Priest Assistant; Ton Linssen, Mary Beth Lawrene, Guests.

1.  Bishop William opened the meeting with a prayer.

2.  Bishop William introduced Ton  Linssen, a movie producer and director from The Netherlands who described a film that he made during 2007-08 of a Passion Play in a Dutch village that occurs every five years with actors being drawn from the community.  The vestry was shown clips of the film which is in Dutch with English sub-titles.  The film is also dubbed in Spanish and could incorporate English sub-titles. Mr. Linssen would like to have two screening of his film, one in the Theatre Santa Anna and the second one at St. Paul’s Church.

          After much discussion regarding the fine quality of the film, the cost of renting the proper equipment for the screening, the propose price of the screening, date, and questions as to the amount of the proceeds that would go to charity, There was unanimous agreement among the vestry that it is a good idea. The resolution was that Bishop William, the Wardens and Mr. Linssen would work out the specifics.

 3.  As Mr. Linssen was working out the technical glitches for the review. The vestry considered last month minutes. Raquel moved and /Bud seconded that the minutes be conditionally approved with any corrections being sent to Bishop William.

 4.  Rector’s Report:

           A.  Bishop informed the vestry that Canon White will be here on Monday the November 24th.  He will conduct retreats on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. He will conduct an all day conference on Saturday. Adrian is looking for a place for the anon to stay during his visit. 

           B.  There will be a Thanksgiving Dinner following the 12:30 Eucharist.  Christine will coordinate the event.  The Dinner is limited to 60 people with congregants being given priority.  In addition to the cost of the dinner each guest is asked to bring a dish for 6.  The price of the tickets will be based on the cost of the dinner.  An early estimate is 100 pesos per ticket.

          C.  Personnel - Delia is working out well.  Her interpersonal skills are outstanding and she has taken a role in coordinating the distribution of the Rector’s discretionary account.  She is capable of making accurate assessment of needs and communicating with the recipients.  Bishop William believes the title of Parish Secretary is inadequate to describe her duties and that he will propose in the next year budget that her title be change to Director of Outreach with a commensurate increase in salary.

 5.  Clergy Reports.  Ernie said that he was glad to be back.  Some of his health concerns have been resolved and he is looking forward to return to the rotation once the other health issues have been resolved.

 6.  New Business:  There is a need to adjust the Rector’s Stipend and Housing Allowance.  This is a budget neutral issue.  Raquel moved that the Rector’s housing allowance be increased by 196 U.S. dollars each month and that the monthly stipend be reduced by 196 U.S. dollars each month.  This change is effective immediately.  Marco seconded the proposal and it passed unanimously.

 7.  Follow-up

           A.  Appointments to the Nominating Committee.  There will be five vacancies in the Vestry that need to be filled.  Raquel, Adrian, Marco, and Bonnie will be leaving the vestry and there is a spot to be filled from a resignation earlier in the year.

          Bishop William will nominate the committee members.  At first it was suggested that it would be 2 people from the vestry and 2 people from the congregation.  However, the By-Laws require that the majority for the committees be from the vestry.  The By-Laws require that nominating committees be formed two months before the annual meeting.

          There is also a need to search for a Church Treasurer starting in the year 2016. Elaine has given that date as her departure from that position.  There was unanimous praise for Elaine’s performance.  She has transformed an extremely chaotic book-keeping system into superb accounting system.

          B.  Results of last month’s questions and discussion.  There was a discussion as how to present the results of the vestry’s discussions to the congregation.  The three areas are:  Christian Education and Leadership Development, Building on those ministries that are already existing, and creating a sanctuary for the dis-affective and marginalized.  At first it was thought that the areas should be presented on separate Sundays with the first being on December 7th.  After much discussion it was agreed that all three areas could be presented on January 11th.

 Bishop William noted that Bishop Carlos will be here to lead the Celebration of a new ministry.  Father Jeff Ross, from our companion parish, will deliver the sermon.  There was a discussion as to what social event would be appropriate after the ceremony.  It was felt that there should not be a sit down luncheon.  Vestry will do the coffee hour and Bonnie will coordinate the it.


Vestry Meeting for December 19th of December
Vestry Meeting for January - 23rd January
Annual Meeting - 25th of January
Lessons and Carols - 15th December


E. Townsend
Clerk Pro-Tem


Approved as corrected.
21 November 2014