September 2014 Vestry Minutes

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St. Paul’s Vestry Meeting

September 26, 2014

Present:  Vestry members Adrian Ross, Raquel Martin, Bonnie Eriksmoen, Craig Tylosky, Marco Espinosa, Elaine Sells and Bud Lawrence; Priest Assistant Sibylle Van Dyke.

Excused absences: Vestry member Isobella Kreizel and Bishop William Gregg (who was in the United States finishing up his visa and helping his wife move their household to San Miguel).

Opening Prayer.  Adrian gave the opening prayer.

Agenda for the meeting. Upon motion and second, the agenda was adopted unanimously.

Meeting Minutes: Upon motion and second, the minutes of the August meeting were approved unaniously.  It was noted that the May minutes have never been approved.  They will be circulated for approval at the next meeting.

Rector Report: Senior Warden Adrian Ross presented the report given to him by Bishop Bill.

In December, each ministry group will make a presentation to the congregation as to what and how the members can participate in the implementation of the ministry.

  • The Vestry needs to be thinking about candidates to fill the upcoming rotation of the Vestry.  Four members will be rotating off:  Co-Senior Wardens Adrian Ross and Raquel Martin, Bonnie Eriksmoen, and Marco Espinosa.  One Vestry member needs to be designated Junior Warden.
  • Bishop Bill, with the help of Susan Robinson and Nancy Gardner, is working on a branding, marketing and communication plan to be presented at the October meeting. He will send out an email about this ahead of time.
  • Bishop Bill reported that Delia is working out very well as the church secretary.
  • Bishop Bill and his wife Kathy are busy packing up their household and are looking forward to being settled in San Miguel.

Report from Assisting Priests.

Sibylle Van Dijk reported that she has been doing the Wednesday Eucharist service while Bishop Bill is away.

  • Jeff Sells reported that he had gone with Bishop Bill to the Michael Conference in San Luis Potosi where Bishop Bill had presented a report on Anglicanism.
  • Jeff also reported on the new approach being taken on Stewardship this year.  It will be a year-round program which is not so money-oriented and is using the resources of the excellent Episcopal website on stewardship.  There are two components to the group:  The “Dream Team,” consisting of Tony and Darlene Marinello, Isobella Kreizel, Jim ________, and Jeff Sells, is charged with coming up with a theology and overall plan of stewardship. The approach will not be to ask for money to fund the budget, but instead to identify the separate ministries of the church and ask people to pledge and give to support specific ministries.  In addition, a practice has already begun of inserting in the Sunday bulletin “stewardship moments,” which talk about using resources and money to act out the call of God to us.

 Report from the Wardens:

  • Adrian Ross reminded the Vestry that Bishop Bill’s installation as the Rector of St. Paul’s will be held on November 30th.  There will be a church-wide comida after the service and Bishop Bill would prefer that it not be a pot-luck comida.  We have $800 scheduled for events which can be used for that purpose.
  • Adrian reported that Kathy Gregg will be present for the October 5th service and suggested that to welcome her, the Wardens could sponsor coffee hour.
  • Raquel Martin reported on the work she and Hortensia Dominguez had done weeding out the Medical Equipment Closet.  Much of the equipment was unusable and was eliminated from the inventory.  Before the room can be cleaned, the roof of the bodega must be repaired as the room is moldy and damp.  Ernesto will be working on those repairs in the near future.

Report from the Treasurer:

Elaine Sells noted she had sent members the monthly report by email.  St. Paul’s is doing well:  we have had more income and fewer expenses than projected year-to-date.  We will not need to take the last authorized $25,000 from the reserve fund.

  • Elaine reported that she will not be present for the October meeting and asked absence be excused.
  • She reported that the 2015 budget process will begin in November and invited Vestry members to sit in on meetings of the Finance/Budget Committee as they work.  They will be developing two budgets this year:  one, the typical line by line overal budget we are used to seeing; and the second, a ministry focused budget that includes allocations of fixed costs such as staff salaries, utilties, etc. to each ministry,

On motion and second, the Financial report was approved.

Other Business:

Raquel Martin suggested that we need to think about ways to improve our children’s Sunday School program, such as teacher training and involvement of more teachers.

  • Adrian reported that La Atencion finally had complied with our request to change our weekly ad so that there is no mention of a Sunday service in Spanish, since we have not had that program for more than a year.

Bishop Bill’s Assignment to the Vestry:

Adrian reported that Bishop Bill had sent him a list of points he wanted the Vestry to spend an hour discussing.  He passed out a series of questions and asked members to take 5 minutes to think about, anwer, and make notes on each set of questions, after which we would go around the table and read our answers out loud.  The Vestry spent about an hour reading, thinking, writing, and discussing their answers to these series of questions.  (A copy of the questions is attached to these minutes.)

At 12:10, the meeting was adjourned with the members saying together the Lord’s Prayer.

Respectfully submitted,

Acting Clerk Raquel Martin

Minutes Approved 24 October 2014